Wrought Iron Black bed frame 4ft6

Wrought Iron Black bed frame 4ft6


Carmel Wrought Iron Bedframe

Mesh based metal bed frames.

This lovely design is traditional and sleek and in its sophistication is a timeless bed frame.

 The decorative features in the head and foot end are an attractive addition.

It is a square, chunky framed bed which is & looks both robust and strong. Virtually indestructible and suitable for heavy duty use. 

A very strong thick steel mesh frame 

Just one of the unique features of the bed frame is that due to the construction, the side rails can be attached to the head and foot ends at 32cm high (allowing for a bed lower to the floor) or 40cm high, which means huge storage space underneath the base.

choice of High or low foot end


 Black or Ivory as standard, we can manufacture these bed frames in any colour for large quantity orders. 

  • Individual Weight Limit: 40 St / 254 Kg
  • Total Weight Limit (Based on 2 People): 65 St / 412 Kg
  • Material: Metal
  • Style: Black or Ivory
  • Base Type: Welded Mesh